Valentine's Day Classroom Decor - Spirited and Then Some (2024)

These Valentine’s Day classroom decor materials work just as well throughout February as they do on the 14th! If your school celebrates Valentine’s Day, friendship day, or something else, there’s a treat or two in here for you!

HOW DO WE EVEN TALK ABOUT THESE ADORABLE VALENTINE’S DAY CLASSROOM DECOR PIECES? That was a lot of all caps there, but then this is an ALL CAPS design situation. These Valentine’s Day classroom pieces are the bees knees, and I cannot contain my excitement.

Okay, here’s the thing. These are absolutely, completely, and totally Valentine’s Day classroom decor items. BUT…these classroom materials are February-friendly, from the first all the way until the 28th (or 29th, if we’re talking leap years). Because in addition to some February 14th designs, these materials really focus on friendship. This is a kindness-inspired classroom decor setup. And it just makes me smile.

If your school celebrates friendship day, Valentine’s Day, kindness day, something else, or all of the above, these materials are at your service. Because friendship, caring for each other, and thinking about others is in season all year round!

Valentine’s Day classroom decor materials

The following products are available in the Valentine’s Day theme:

Each one features charming layouts that include watercolor patterns, birds, chocolates, flowers, or sweet treats in various shades of light pink, dark pink, chocolate brown, and coral. Wherever possible, there are text editable files so you can customize content for your classroom needs. Please note: text editable availability may be in accordance with terms and conditions for the clipart used. Individual product text editable availability may vary.

Let’s delve further into what you’ll see!

Valentine’s Day classroom decor bulletin board

This Valentine’s Day/Kindness Day/Friendship Day bulletin board set is super-special because it pairs well not only with February 14th but basically every day of the school year. In this kit, you’ll get bunting, posters, and bonus stationary to create special messages for classmates, others in the school, or friends and family.

Poster messages include:

  • You Matter!
  • This class is sweet!
  • Choose Kind
  • Kindness Blossoms Here!
  • February 14
  • Friendship is a beautiful gift!
  • You Belong!
  • Tweet notes of kindness!
  • I’m glad you’re here!

I decorated the bulletin board with my trusty woodgrain paper and rainbow bulletin board border (which I also used for my Back to School Classroom Decor). I found the paper on Amazon and the border at my local classroom supply store. Instead of decorating the bulletin board with the bunting, I choose to decorate my desk instead. Feel free to do either, both, or neither! Whatever suits your classroom is what’s best!

Google Slides and Google Sites accents

Bring Valentine’s Day into the classroom again using Valentine’s Day-theme Google Slides templates. The slides come with headings that include:

  • Welcome to Class!
  • Morning Meeting
  • Our Schedule
  • Announcements
  • When You Finish
  • One More Thing
  • Highlights
  • Reminders
  • Science
  • Writing
  • Guidance
  • Rotations
  • Centers
  • Art

And MORE! Text editable PowerPoint slides are also included.

You can also decorate your classroom website with Valentine’s Day accents. The Google Sites accents come with:

  • Text editable circle buttons
  • Text editable square buttons
  • BLANK square buttons
  • BLANK circle buttons
  • Pre-filled headers
  • Text editable headers
  • Pre-filled logo buttons
  • Text editable logo buttons
  • BLANK logo buttons

Please note, you’ll receive PNG files you can upload to an existing classroom website. And PowerPoint slides with text editable accents are also included.

Valentine’s Day teacher binder covers and name tags

This might be one of my favorite products ever because not only can you use the desk name plates for, well, desk name plates, but you can also use them for labels on larger classroom organizers. Same with the circle tags. They are great for labeling lockers and cubbies but would also make excellent bunting and door decor accents. These designs include sweet treats, chocolates, and MORE!

In this product you’ll find:

  • Binder covers (pre-filled and text editable)
  • Binder spines (text editable)
  • Circle tags
  • Desk name plates
  • Table numbers

You’ll need PowerPoint to add text to text editable files.

What about decorating all year round???

You can do that, too. The items in this post are included in the following seasonal bundles:

Happy Valentine’s Day, Spiriteds. You matter, and I’m glad you’re here! ❤️

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Valentine's Day Classroom Decor - Spirited and Then Some (2024)


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